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I have no idea what is going on there, but it gives me hope for some strange reason O.o

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In other news...Domino has no eyebrow. -.-

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*DIES* it's the animation, I think. Please don't make me angst about her spot when the blue stuff is bothering me enough D:

BTW Psylocke is in that episode and when she reads minds---BUTTERFLY!

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*DIES* I don't like her spot though. It is bugging me. They make her look like a puppy.

Oh cool! She showed up after all! ^^

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Yeah, I know DDDD: No one ever likes to draw it right ever DDD:

Yupp! And she made this police officer eat a ticket LOLOLOL.

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*DIES* omfg police officers :D That is so god damn cool. :D

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*DIES* I missed the episode tonight though. I am ANGSTING about it, cause it's the DOMINO one DDD:

Ps I hope my icon makes a cameo

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Oh that sucks! I was relying on you to fill me in! *shakes fist* They aren't popping up on Youtube so I feel slightly left out XD

PS- *DIES* I hope so too 8D

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Oh. I'm downloading it right now *DIES* I'm just really impatient. I can tell you what happens, or upload it for you, or something.

PS- Omg how cool would that be?! I'm kind of irritated though, because Dom seems more about guns than any skills, and flipping Kitty took her out. Then Dom looked at her hands with this durr face because her guns were gone. I was a bit mad about that

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A torrent or something? Maybe I should just do that too. XDDDD I'll try and I will let you know if I SUCCEED.

PS - AWESOME. Yeah, well, you should have saw that one coming. Remember who's writing? D8

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*DIES* Yeah. Fuck, I have to wait seven more minutes for this thing to friggen finish. Kay.

PS- No shit. Guess who's supposed to show up soon. Guess.

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I can't find the second episode. I found the first one though which is okay cause I haven't seen it yet ^^

PS - Oh dear lord, do I want to know?

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I have the second one RIGHT now and I'm watching it. I can upload it to mega upload for you, if you want.

PS- X-23!

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Okay. Is that easy to use? I have never used it before.

PS - Oh whoopedy fucking do. Of course she is, their little baby. God. I think i might actually hate her now. -.- I'm so lame.

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Yeah, it's easy. I'll upload it now.

PS- *DIES* she's starting to irritate me.

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Cool, thanks! :D

PS - That is so bad. Because I always get so mad when people hate Domino and Shatterstar just because they're created by Liefeld, and now I do the same thing to her. XDDD

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There's something about Dom's pouty look. It just BEGS for the caption: Why am I listening to this asshole?

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*DIES* yeah. I love her face there.

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AHAHAHA oh man, I need to not read yours & Kristen's X-Men angst comments at 4:03am ... you guys freaking KILL ME with your awesome XD I am filled with lulz.

My dad asked what was up with Rogue's accent :DD I laughed. DRIVE THE GETAWAY CAR, BITCH. YOU'LL LIKE IT. I can't waaait for episode three. Maybe there will be more stuff to laugh at :DDDD Then I get to do this again! I am inexplicably excited. -flail-

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*DIES* sorry?

HEee. I can't wait either! That show is SO funny. The brotherhood fipping KILL ME 8D

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Oh no. It is quite awesome. Never apologize for being awesome XD

They're so ridiculously amusing I don't even know what to say about it. Pietro REALLY makes me laugh with his ├╝ber-gayness.

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*DIES* okay then ;bbb

Omfg I know. *DIES* Pietro is super gay no matter what universe he's in 8D

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& that's why we love him XD Everybody wants a piece!

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*DIES* Pietro has learned to count to three. And Dom's all well, I'm glad for that. Idiot.

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*snort* he (oh YES) probably does. and I didn't even know the show was even on right now. HAHAHA, I FAIL! and hey, at least they show Domino because in the 90s fucking cartoon they showed her through the tv, Jean searching for Logan and something else. Also since Kristen mention it OMG, SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY EYEBROWS! WTF?! But I still like her expression, it is saying; two is after one and three is after two and this is my gun and *shots him*