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Summer of Blues & Love Multi-Fandom Drabble-a-thon - gathering prompts!!!

Seriously. Go there. And someone write me some fucking Karma/Moonstar before I kill myself.

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I would...but I think I would fail that pairing so badly. *DIES*

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*DIES* I just want there to be more than one fic of them ;_;

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I promise I'll try someday :D Maybe when I start my new fic I can do a little part of them for you.

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Hee! That would be awesome. I just think that karmakitty and rahnedani shouldn't exist ever.

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Kitty/life and Rahne/breathing should not exist. Ever. They should just go have puppy/kitty love together.

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I agree! I like that.

Heather named Karma/Moonstar: KarStar *DIES*

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ps write domnate more often.