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Fic/icon journal

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Add me! :D

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Added you.

I JUST NOW heard you tried to talk to me couple days ago. I wasn't on the computer, this girl Becca was. She was checking my e-mails since I get college infromation from my school counselor. If she said anything to you or whatever, it wasn't me. I tore at that bitch. She put me online cause she "wanted to know my friends better" But luckily, I changed my password and I just plan to forward all the college infromation to her e-mail. Which I should've done in the first place.

Also, I love yer icon.

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Oh I just said hi and that I liked yer little mermaid icon. Tis okay. Wow, that sounds like a bitch. I hate when people act like that, as if it's their business who is friends with who.


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please check your invites thank you


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very interesting, but I don't agree with you

Re: Idetrorce

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...about what?

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It's going to be awesome!

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O.o what?

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Thank god it's not me

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What are you talking about?